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GELA Program and Services Survey

Hello library community and fellow information professionals! 

The Greater Edmonton Library Association (GELA) is looking to re-evaluate and revitalize our services and programs to better reflect the needs of our community and we want to hear from you. We believe every voice is important, whether you work in a library or are part of the information profession more broadly, and welcome your input on how we can be a resource for you.

Our primary purpose has always been to create a sense of community between librarians, library technicians, library staff, students, and library supporters as well as create space to build meaningful connections. To build this sense of community, we have historically offered our programs to both GELA members and non-members, through in-person and, more recently, online events.

In 2020, we had to transition many of our programs to an online format, due to COVID-19, and cancel our programs and events that could not be facilitated online. Now, with the easing of COVID-19 restrictions, we are very excited about the opportunity to once again offer in-person programs and events and we want all of our programs and events to be relevant to the needs and wants of our community. We are asking for 5-10 minutes of your time to fill out this survey on how GELA can be relevant to YOU, even if you are not currently a member. The survey will be open for 1 month, closing on November 13, 2022.

To reach as many members and non-members as possible, we also request that you distribute this email and survey within your respective channels, with our apologies for any cross-posting that may occur. 

We hope you are all enjoying this lovely fall weather and look forward to hearing from you. Please contact with any questions.

GELA Executive Committee

Professional Development Grant

Each year, GELA awards Professional Development (PD) Grant to a GELA member to participate in or attend library-related conferences, workshops, seminars, or lectures. Applications for this year’s PD Grant are now being accepted until midnight on March 26, 2022. This year we will award up to $200.

The PD Grant recipient will be chosen by the end of March and applicants will be contacted at that time. The recipient will also be announced at GELA’s 2022 Annual General Meeting.

You must be a current member for the 2021/2022 membership year to apply for this grant. Please refer to GELA’s membership page to update your membership. You can join or renew your membership at the time of applying for this grant.

If you are unsure of your membership status, please email

** Members of the GELA executive are not eligible to apply for this grant.

In your application, you will be asked to provide personal information, an estimated budget, and a brief description (200-300 words) of the PD activity stating the benefits of this opportunity to you and/or the library community. If you are a successful recipient of the GELA PD Grant, you agree to:

1) provide associated receipts to the GELA Treasurer within 30 days of the event, and

2) present a summary of the event to GELA members at the next AGM following the event (e.g. a verbal presentation or written brief)

GELA Professional Development Grant Application Form