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Librarians, library technicians, information professionals, and anyone else interested in libraries and/or the information sector in the Edmonton area are welcome to join GELA.

As a GELA member, you can:

  • Participate in events and promote issues that are relevant to Edmonton’s library and information community
  • Meet, interact with, and learn from other professionals and individuals
  • Suggest and help to organize discussions/events that are fundamentally important to libraries, information studies, and Edmonton as a whole

Membership Information

Annual Personal Membership Fee: $30.00

Annual Student Membership Fee: $5.00

Membership Term: April 1 to March 31

As of 2019, all GELA Prison Libraries Project volunteers must be a registered GELA member.

Membership questions? Send them to

How to Join GELA

Step 1: Fill out the GELA Membership Form

Step 2: Pay your membership fee through Paypal using the link at the end of the survey, or by mailing in a cheque.

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