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Contacts – Get Involved

Get Involved with the Prison Project

We welcome new members and community support for our work. The volunteers below will help you get involved in our different projects. All contacts listed can be reached by emailing us at As volunteers, we try to respond to requests and questions within a week of contact.

Allison Sivak and Liz Fulton-Lyne: Prison Liaisons

Liz arranges for guard memo updates and communicates with the program officers on programs in general. She also ensures security clearance for committee meetings at the prison, and for public tours. Allison communicates with public and volunteers, monitors email, and refers requests for training and all other inquiries as appropriate.

Moyra Lang: Adult Literature Book Club

Moyra coordinates the adult literature Book Clubs that take place in the general population.

Sara Buczynski: YA Book Club

Sara coordinates the Young Adult literature book club in the general population.

Meg DeForest: EPL Book Borrowing Project

Meg works with EPL to bring in the materials prisoners request and to update wish lists on the blog.

Allison Sivak: Treasurer

Allison organizes our accounting, liaises with the Treasurer of GELA, and meets with the GELA Executive and auditor at least once a year to ensure good financial practices and communication.

Sharla Funk: Storybook Project

Sharla coordinates the Storybook project in the Minimum, Main and Secure Units including writing documentation and scheduling meetings.

Liz Fulton-Lyne: Collections Team

The collection team assists with collection development. It works with the inmate librarian and CSC staff to ensure that the library’s collection meets the recreational, cultural, spiritual, personal, educational and information needs of its community. This team maintains the donations wishlists and liaises with donors.

Contact info: or email: with the subject line, membership, to join the group. All volunteers for the GELA Prison Project must be GELA members in good standing.

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