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AGM 2023

Save the date for the Annual General Meeting of the Greater Edmonton Library Association!

Date: Thursday, April 20, 2023

TIME: 6 pm MST

VIRTUAL LOCATION: Zoom. Please RSVP by April 19, 2023 to receive the meeting link.

The Greater Edmonton Library Association (GELA) is seeking self-nominations for the following executive positions:

  • Vice President/President/Past President (3-year term, April 2023 to April 2025)*
  • Program Councillor (14-month term, April 2023 to June 2024)
  • Publicity Councillor (14-month term, April 2023 to June 2024)
  • SLIS Student Representative x2 (1-year term, April 2023 to April 2024)
  • MacEwan Student Representative x2 (1-year term, April 2023 to April 2024)

Descriptions of the positions can be found in the GELA handbook. Executives are required to be GELA members.

* The President, Vice-President, and Past President positions are one role that you’ll be in for two years with differing responsibilities. The position begins as Vice President to learn the role, and moves into President after the first year.

The GELA Executive meets monthly, with meetings typically lasting between half of an hour to an hour. The time and date of each meeting is negotiated depending on the availability of the executive members. Serving on the GELA Executive offers a valuable opportunity to forge connections with other professionals, contribute to the broader library community, and to gain service, event planning, and leadership experience. If you are a MLIS student at the University of Alberta, it can also be used as an experiential artifact for your Capping Project.

We encourage you to nominate yourself as a candidate for any of the open positions. To do so, please email the the Nominating Committee at, indicating your position of interest. Please include a short bio (max 200 words) with your email.  Executive positions are open to all members of the Greater Edmonton GLAM community, except for student representative positions which are only available to students in the SLIS program at University of Alberta and the Library Tech program at MacEwan University. 

The deadline for nominations is March 31, 2023. Nominations received after March 31 will be added to the ballot as nominations from the floor. The election for the Executive positions will be started at the upcoming virtual GELA AGM this April. We implore current or prospective GELA members to consider joining the Executive. Without a reasonable contingent of executive members, it will be impossible for GELA to continue to offer its events and programs, as well as to function as a professional society.

Everyone is welcome to attend the AGM, but must be members of GELA in order to vote in our new Executive Team. All members of our Executive Team must also be GELA members. Personal memberships are $30/year and student members are $5/year. More information about being a GELA member can be found on our membership page.

If you have any questions about the above positions or about GELA in general, please email

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